LanSchool v7.2 Tutorials

Blank Screens
Blanks monitor and locks the keyboard and mouse on student machines.

Communication Features
LanSchool has the ability to send message, chat and receive student questions.

Console and Shortcut Menu
How to use the short cut menu and console.

Limit Applications
Limits application by allowing and disallowing applications on all or some students machines.

Limit Web
Allow or disallow internet access. Also you have the ability to allow only certain websites etc.

How to configure limiting the access of USB drives, printing, sound and task manage.

Logoff, Restart, Shutdown and Power On
The power features of LanSchool allows teachers to logoff, restart or shutdown students computers. It also can save time in the mornings to start student computers if “Power up on LAN is set to Enable in the bios of each computer..

Remote Control
Gives the teacher the ability to remotely control the students computer/s. Especially handy for installing software on all the machines at once.


How to use the “Run” function to start applications on student computers.

Send and Collect
Sending and receiving files from students such as homework, tests etc.

Show Teacher Screen
This feature allows you to demonstrates an application (such as a power point presentations) from your machine to students.

Show Student Screen
Similar to show teachers screen but in this case you can use a students screen to demonstrate to other students.

How to use the testing features of LanSchool.

LanSchool has the ability to track and save students internet and keystrokes history, display running programs and take snapshots of students screen. This tutorial explains these features.

Updating LanSchool
How to updating teacher and student computers.

Asking questions and getting votes or answers.

Deployment – Active Directory
This tutorial discusses installing LanSchool using active directory on a server network.